µContactPrinter 4.1

Flexible and fully automatic patterning Platform

The µContact-Printer 4.1 (µCP 4.1) features PDMS stamps with customized stamp patterns. It offers surface patterning at the submicrometer range as well as Nano-Imprint Lithography on one instrument. Move to Procedures for more information. It fits to standard laboratory benches and is highly customizable.


Please click here for full introduction video.


Main specs:

  • Dimension: 623 mm x 521 mm x 367 mm (Length x width x height)
  • Stamp rack for up to five stamps
  • Substrate table: Adjustable; repeating accuracy < 5 µm (XYφ), aided by built-in video microscope
  • Spin coating device for homogeneous distribution of liquids on substrates
  • Windows based control software, preinstalled on computer