Arraying into 96-well plates

Multi Parameter Analysis with 96 Well Plates

Nano-Plotter NP2.1 instruments can be configured for arraying on the bottom of 96-well microplates. On request special target decks and 2-row print heads are available, matching the 9 mm pitch. GeSiM has developed an optimized piezoelectric pipet (Nano-Tip AR-J) with slimmer design for this application. The highest achievable spot density is significantly dependent on sample type and surface properties of the plate.


64 spots of different size made with Nano-Tip AR-J368 spots
1 drop (250 pL)5 drops (1.25 nL)10 drops (2.5 nL)1 drop

This example was printed with fluorescine solution containing 10% glycerol.We used a 96 well plate from GreinerBioOne (Order #762070, Midbind ).


NP2.1/E tray for 12 standard format well plate