Arraying of PEDOT:PSS for Organic Light Emitter Diodes (OLEDs)

Microdispensing of functional liquids is an essential step in production of organic electronics and organic light emitter diodes (OLED). Piezoelectric printing is widely used to build up circuits and arrays of transistors and of optical devices. The GeSiM drop-on-demand dispensers work well with a variety of organic and anorganic liquids. This application note outlines the results for: Poly(styrenesulfonate)/poly(2,3-dihydrothieno(3,4-b)-1,4-dioxin) 2.8 wt% in H2O [Aldrich 560596-25G], also known as PEDOT:PSS. PEDOT:PSS is required for the hole-injection and transportation layers of the OLED-pixels. Arrays of different formats, differently sized spots and different densities are available with the piezoelectric micropipetting system Nano-Plotter . The surface tension of the substrate affects the spot diameter. Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-01 um 12.19.49 Dispensing of multiple drops allows a wide range of spot diameters with each dispenser but the single-drop volume with PEDOT:PSS depends both on the dispenser type and the dispense settings. The diagrams show the single-drop volume for piezoelectric Nano-Plotter dispensers (Pico-Tip, Nano-Tip, Nano-Tip-A) and for the standalone dispenser SPIP. The new LD04 is still under development. Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-01 um 12.23.21 Equipment: Nano-Plotter NP2.1 with different piezoelectric dispensers