BSyS 3.1/E: Configuration based on large chassis for the synthesis of functional Hydrogels with customized modifications.

Centralized Media Control

Each BioSyntheSizer instrument is controlled by a centralized media supply unit (F-Box) with CPU, pressure regulators, pumps, valves and more (Left).

BSyS 3.1 small platform

This complete setup covers the robot, the centralized media supply (F-Box), the syringe unit to control displacement pipets, the system liquid bottles for piezoelectric Nanolitre pipets (On top of the syringes) as well as reservoir bottle(s) for bulk reagents (From left to right)

BioSyntheSizer – A Dream Comes True in Chemical Synthesis

Concept of the BioSyntheSizer

The compact GeSiM BioSyntheSizer manifests a new instrumentation concept for robots for complex laboratory automation on low-volume scale. It is a new, very compact lab automation platform whose goal is utmost flexibility. In the standard configuration it masters several different chemical syntheses simultaneously, as long as they fit in a liquid handling scheme. This, on the other hand, allows parallelization without having to make a new setup for each synthesis.


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20 years of experience in the field of microfluidics and lab automation sets the BioSyntheSizer apart from common pipetting robots. Hard- and software follow a strictly modular approach and makes the platform open for application specific configurations. We will be pleased to learn about your requirements in chemical synthesis!

From Single Steps to a Workflow

The BioSyntheSizer relies on a gentle but accurate robotic stage with a multiple tool head with up to seven independently moving Z-axes. Reservoirs like racks for tubes and vials snap on the work plate by particular fixations.

Liquid handling tools: From Picolitre (Right) to Microlitre (Left)

Liquid handling tools: From Picolitre (Right) to Microlitre (Left)</