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Up to 7 Z-Axes

Interchangeable Tools

Individually lowering Z-axes allow to synchronize multiple tools with different dimensions. The head of the instrument supplies compressed gas, power, vacuum for each individual tool.


Liquid Handling

  • Disposable Luer tips for liquid pipetting
  • Needle tips for penetration of antiseptic lids
  • Piezoelectric Picolitre pipettes, Solenoid dispense valves for the Nanolitre range

Mechanical tools

  • Vacuum gripper with 3-lumen pipette for azeotropic drying
  • Microcentrifuge tube handler for snap-cap opening/closing
  • Z-height sensor


  • Powder pipettes for the Microgram range
  • Cartridge dispensers for high viscous media
  • Camera for pattern recognition and QR code identification



Racks and Reactors

Components for the Work Area of the Instrument

All racks tether to the base plate of the instrument by snap-in pins for convenient replacement.

  • Racks for micro well plates/ slides
  • Racks for microcentrifuge tubes, septum vials, disposable pipette tips, Luer-lock needles
  • Racks with filter cartridges for ion separation
  • Application specific microfluidic manifolds
  • Reactors with antiseptic lid, temperature up to 150°C, pressure up to 8 bar
  • Magnetic stirrers
  • Wash/Dry stations, optical tools for tips alignment and droplet measurement (stroboscope)





Covers, Chillers and Others

  • Enclosure for dust protection, N2 pressure excess
  • Humidification
  • Chilling and temperature control
  • Radioactivity sensors
  • Separate F-Box with pumps, valves etc.