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µContactPrinter 4.1

Flexible and fully automatic patterning Platform

The µContact-Printer 4.1 (µCP 4.1) features PDMS stamps with customized stamp patterns. It offers surface patterning at the submicrometer range as well as Nano-Imprint Lithography on one instrument. Move to Procedures for more information. It fits to standard laboratory benches and is highly customizable.


Please click here for full introduction video.


Main specs:

  • Dimension: 623 mm x 521 mm x 367 mm (Length x width x height)
  • Stamp rack for up to five stamps
  • Substrate table: Adjustable; repeating accuracy < 5 µm (XYφ), aided by built-in video microscope
  • Spin coating device for homogeneous distribution of liquids on substrates
  • Windows based control software, preinstalled on computer


µCP 4.1 – Tools

At least three independent Z-Axes

Print head of µCP 4.1

Print head of µCP 4.1

µCP 4.1 comes with three up to six individually lowering Z-axes. The basic setup offers:

  • µCP print head for soft membrane stamps up to 20 mm by 20 mm, integrated alignment microscope and UV adapter for optical fibres (5 mm diameter)
  • Pneumatic dispenser for the deposition of high-viscous liquids like photoresist SU8 and NOA 81 (Norland), respectively
  • Syringe dispenser for the application of low-viscous inks for micro-contact printing


µCP 4.1 – Stamps

Disposable Stamps with customized Design

Different Sizes of PDMS stamps for µContactPrinter 4.1

Different Sizes of PDMS stamps for µContactPrinter 4.1

µCP Principle

µCP Principle










Polymer stamps are the heart of the GeSiM microcontact printers. The footprint of the stamp represents particular patterns for each customer and each application.

The proprietary stamping method doesn’t require sophisticated mechanical setups. When the print head touches down the stamp get’s bulged out by air pressure and connects smoothly and without artefacts to the substrate surface,