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Target Trays

Customized Trays are available on Request

For fast and easy replenishment of targets, standard Nano-Plotter trays adopt both 1" by 3" slides and membranes. Four strips with locator pins separate the slides from each other and inversion of the strips gives a smooth area for membrane arrangement.

Customized shapes are available on request.

Volume Measurement

Unique Drop Volume for different Sample Species



Naturally, the dispense behaviour of the piezoelectric tips is affected by the sample. A highly sensitive flow sensor in the system liquid path of each tip measures the compensated volume of the ejected drops.

Chilling/ Humidifying

Management of Rare Sample Species

External units for chilling and humidifying allow establishment of conditions close to the dew point. The ultrasonic humidifier connects directly to the hood enclosure of the instrument, thus even microliters of samples can remain on the deck of the instrument with minimum evaporation losses.


Both the coolable base plate underneath the slide tray and the microplate holder can be connected to a recirculating chiller to control the temperatures of both the samples and the targets.


TwinTip – Pipetting and Mixing

TwinTip adapter for the Nano-Plotter

TwinTip adapter with two solenoid valve micro pipets

TwinTip adapter with two solenoid valve micro pipets


Chemical reactions at a microscale and hardening of two-component systems are just two applications for the new TwinTip adapter for the Nano-Plotter. In contradiction to other micro mixers the TwinTip adapter allows to aspirate tiny volumes of two different species from a standard micro well plate.













The TwinTip adapter accomodates the native GeSiM piezoelectric pipets as well as solenoid dispense valve pipets. Following setups are possible:

  • Two GeSiM piezoelectric pipets with drop volumes between 60 pL and 400 pL
  • Two solenoid valve pipets with droplet volume of 50 nL
  • One GeSiM pipet, one solenoid valve

The TwinTip adapter toggles the pipets between two positions: OPEN (Aspiration/ wash position) and CLOSE (Dispense position). Simultaneous drop release at the CLOSE position leads to a perfect mix up of both drops on the target surface due to the high kinetic energy of the drops.


Handling of the TwinTip adapter

Handling of the TwinTip adapter

Stroboscope view of collision of microdrops

Stroboscope view of collision of microdrops

More than a Microarrayer

Customized Versions of the Nano-PlotterTM

Besides array spotting, GeSiM has the flexibility and capability to create custom instruments on request. The Nano-PlotterTM software comes with an open user interface for the development of liquid handling applications by the customer.

Third party dispensers and other tools on the Nano-Plotter print head

Third party dispensers and other tools on the Nano-Plotter print head

In addition, GeSiM develops and delivers OEM Versions of the Nano-PlotterTM to other instrumentation manufacturers.

- Heatable piezodispensers
- Dispensers with reservoir cartridges on top
- Dispensers for high-viscosity media
- Passive Microliter dispensers
- Plate hotel for large samples sets
- Vacuum tweezers
- Wash system for dedicated cleaning solutions
- Print head camera for process observation

As an example, microarray spotting can be accomplished by Microliter liquid handling or manipulation of mechanical parts like glass lids. For manufacturing of a large number of identical arrays with a limited set of samples we recommend piezoelectric tips with an integrated reservoir.

Benchtop lab automation exceeding liquid handling is available with the GeSiM BioSynthesizer.