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Nano-Plotter – Piezoelectric Pipetting Tips

Piezoelectric Pipetting Tips

The Nano-PlotterTM piezoelectric pipetting tips consist of glass and silicon. They are achieved from microstructured glass/silicon wafers.


The tips tie into the instrument’s fluidic system through metal shafts. Each pipet connects to a dedicated syringe that supplies both sample and washing fluids. NP1.2 runs up to eight tips, all N2.x instruments can be equipped with 1…16 tips.


Tips for different drop sizes are available:

  • Nano-Tip J:     0.35…0.4 Nanoliter
  • Nano-Tip A-J: 0.25          Nanoliter
  • Pico-Tip J:       0.06          Nanoliter
  • Nano-Tip J-H: 0.35…0.4 Nanoliter (External heater unit required)
  • Pico-Tip J-H:   0.06          Nanoliter (External heater unit required)


Tips for particular applications:

  • Nano-Tip HV-J: For high-viscous samples
  • Nano-Tip AR-J: Slim design,for array printing into 96-well plates


The Nano-Plotter piezoelectric pipetting tips consist of glass and silicon.