Design Guidelines

Technical Information on the GeSiM Mask Service

We accept CAD data accordingly to the following rules, as well as create plot files based on your specs.

Photoemulsion mask on glass

Photoemulsion mask on glass



Supported data formats


  • AutoCAD™ DXF up to release 12 (preferred),
  • Gerber RS 274X,
  • GDS-II, CIF.








Design guidelines

For 5” masks, the plotting area is restricted to 100 mm x 100 mm. For a centered image on the mask, the outer dimensions of the drawing must be exactly 100 mm x 100 mm. Placing of four small squares (e.g. 50 microns x 50 microns) in the corners of the layout supports this contraint.

In DXF files, please use only solids, circles and closed polylines with a width of zero. These patterns will be filled by our software. Do not try to fill them with the hatch command. Avoid “islands”, try to split complex figures in separate parts instead. For text information, use only the text command, never dtext or mtext. Please set the font to txt.shx.


Download our sample file as a design template.