Droplet mixing with piezoelectric pipets:

GeSiM piezoelectric pipets emit drops smaller than 80 Micrometers at a speed of 4 meters per second. The TwinTip adapter swivels two of these pipets from parallel position (sample aspiration, wash step) to angled working position and vice versa.

With appropriated reagents the TwinTip adapter can trigger chemical reactions at a microscale, e.g. for immediate hardening or chemical synthesis. It aspirates two separate liquids from 96-well plates. A stroboscopic camera system allows to visualize the mixing process and to optimize the dispense parameters for both piezoelectric tips.

The drop alignment process is shown here. The TwinTip adapter fits on all GeSiM instruments like Bioprinters and BioSyntheSizers (Limited features with the Nano-Plotter.)