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BioprintingAbstractAuthors/ Published
Green bioprinting: extrusion-based fabrication of plant cell-laden biopolymer hydrogel scaffoldsIOP ScienceJ. Seidel, T. Ahlfeld, M. Adolph, S. Kümmritz, J. Steingroewer, F. Krujatz, T. Bley, M. Gelinsky and A. Lode, Nov. 2017
Development of a clay based bioink for 3D cell printing for skeletal applicationIOP ScienceT. Ahlfeld, G. Cidonio D. Kilian, S. Duin, A. R. Akkineni, J. I. Dawson, S. Yang, A. Lode, R. O. C. Oreffo and M. Gelinsky, July 2017
Fabrication of Cell-Loaded Two-Phase 3D Constructs for Tissue Engineeringmaterials (Full Text)Tobias Zehnder, Tim Freund, Merve Demir, Rainer Detsch and Aldo R. Boccaccini, Nov 2016
A versatile method for combining different biopolymers in a core/shell fashion by 3D plotting to achieve mechanically robust constructsIOP Publishing Ltd.Ashwini Rahul Akkineni, Tilman Ahlfeld, Anja Lode and Michael Gelinsky, Oct 2016
In situ functionalization of scaffolds during
extrusion-based 3D plotting using a piezoelectric nanoliter pipette
Future MedicineStefan Giron, Anja Lode, Michael Gelinsky, Oct 2016
3D plotting of highly uniform Sr5(PO4)2SiO4 bioceramic scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringJournal of Materials ChemistryHuiying Zhu, Dong Zhai, Chucheng Lin, Yali Zhang, Zhiguang Huan, Jiang Chang and Chengtie Wu, Aug 2016
Evaluation of cell inkjet printing technique for biofabricationDE GRUYTERRainer Detsch, Sebastian Blob, Tobias Zehnder and Aldo R. Boccaccini, July 2016
Biofabrication of 3D Alginate-Based Hydrogel for Cancer Research: Comparison of Cell Spreading, Viability, and Adhesion Characteristics of Colorectal HCT116 Tumor CellsMary Ann Liebert, Inc.Ivanovska Jelena, Zehnder Tobias, Lennert Pablo, Sarker Bapi, Boccaccini Aldo R., Hartmann Arndt, Schneider-Stock Regine, and Detsch Rainer, July 2016
Design and Fabrication of Complex Scaffolds for Bone Defect Healing: Combined 3D Plotting of a Calcium Phosphate Cement and a Growth Factor-Loaded HydrogelAnnals of Biomedical EngineeringTilman Ahlfeld, Aswini Rahul Akkineni, Yvonne Foerster, Tino Koehler, Sven Knaack, Michael Gelinsky, and Anja Lode, June 2016
A Hydrogel Model Incorporating 3D-Plotted Hydroxyapatite for Osteochondral Tissue Engineeringmaterials (Full Text)Michal Bartnikowski, Ashwini Rahul Akkineni, Michael Gelinsky, Maria A. Woodruff, Travis J. Klein, April 2016
Highly Concentrated Alginate-Gellan Gum Composites for 3D Plotting of Complex Tissue Engineering ScaffoldsPolymersAshwini Rahul Akkineni, Tilman Ahlfeld, Alexander Funk, Anja Waske, Anja Lode and
Michael Gelinsky, April 2016
Additive manufacturing of collagen scaffolds by three-dimensional plotting of highly viscous dispersionsIOP Publishing Ltd.Anja Lode, Michael Meyer, Sophie Brüggemeier, Birgit Paul, Hagen Baltzer, Michaela Schröpfer, Claudia Winkelmann, Frank Sonntag and Michael Gelinsky, February 2016
Three-Dimensional Printing of Hollow-Struts-Packed Bioceramic Scaffolds for Bone RegenerationACS PublicationsYongxiang Luo, Dong Zhai, Zhiguang Huan, Haibo Zhu, Lunguo Xia, Jiang Chang, and Chengtie Wu, November 2015
Three-dimensional plotted hydroxyapatite scaffolds with predefined architecture: comparison of stabilization by alginate cross-linking versus sinteringSAGE JournalsAlok Kumar, Ashwini R Akkineni, Bikramjit Basu and Michael Gelinsky, November 2015
Concentrated gelatin/alginate composites for fabrication of predesigned scaffolds with a favorable cell response by 3D plottingRSC AdvancesYongxiang Luo, Anja Lode, Ashwini Rahul Akkinenia and Michael Gelinsky, May 2015
Alginate/Nanohydroxyapatite Scaffolds with Designed Core/Shell Structures Fabricated by 3D Plotting and in Situ Mineralization for Bone Tissue EngineeringACS PublicationsYongxiang Luo, Anja Lode, Chengtie Wu, Jiang Chang, and Michael Gelinsky, March 2015
Microarraying/ Liquid HandlingAbstractsAuthors/ Published
Advances in Lectin Microarray Technology: Optimized Protocols for Piezoelectric Print ConditionsWiley Online: Current ProtocolsKanoelani T. Pilobello, Praveen Agrawal, Richard Rouse, Lara K. Mahal, 2013
Antibody colocalization microarray: a scalable technology for multiplex protein analysis in complex samples. Mol. Cell. Proteomics, in pressMol. Cell Proteomics Pla-Roca, M., Juncker, D., 2012
Clinical utility of serum autoantibodies detected by protein microarray in melanoma.Int. J. Proteomics 2011Sabel, M.S., Liu, Y.,Lubman, D.M., 2011
Towards multiple readout application of plasmonic arraysBeilstein Journal of NanotechnologyCialla, D., Weber, K., 2011
The living microarray: a high-throughput platform for measuring transcription dynamics in single cells.BMC GenomicsRajan, S., Djambazian, H., Dang, H.C.P., Sladek, R., Hudson, T.J., 2011
Application of photonic crystal enhanced fluorescence to cancer biomarker microarrays.ACS analytical chemistryHuang, C.-S., Ruimin Tan, R., Zangar, R.C., 2011
Template-free structuring of colloidal hetero-monolayers by inkjet printing and particle floatingRSC Soft MatterRetsch, M., Dostert, K.-H., Nett, S.K., Vogel, N., Gutmann, J.S., Jonas, U., 2010
The identification of auto-antibodies in pancreatic cancer patient sera using a naturally fractionated Panc-1 cell line.IOS Cancer BiomarkersPatwa, T., Pal, M., Brand, R.E., Simeone, D.M., Lubman, D.M., 2010
Generation of Live-Cell Microarrays by means of DNA-directed immobilization of specific cell-surface ligands.WILEY Angewandte ChemieSchroeder, H., Ellinger, B., Becker, C.F.W., Waldmann, H., Niemeyer, C.M., 2007
Screening of Glycosylation Patterns in Serum Using Natural Glycoprotein Microarrays and Multi-Lectin Fluorescence DetectionACS PublicationsPatwa, T., Zhao, J., Anderson, Michelle A., Lubman, D.,, 2006
Generation of High Density Protein Microarrays by Cell-free in Situ Expression of Unpurified PCR ProductsThe ASBMAngenendt, P., Kreuzberger, J., Glökler, J., Hoheisel, J., 2006
Peptide microarrays for the detection of molecular interactions in cellular signal transductionNCBIStoevesandt, O,, Elbs, M., Köhler, K., Lellouch, AC., Fischer, R., André, T., Brock, R., 2005
Micro-Contact PrintingAbstractsAuthors/Published
Nanoimprint patterning of thin cadmium stannate films using a polymeric precursor routeRSC PublishingBenjamin Schumm, Philipp Wollmann, Julia Fritsch, Julia Grothe, Stefan Kaske, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Issue 29, 2011
MicCell & MicrofluidicsAbstractsAuthors/Published
Donut-shaped chambers for analysis of biochemical processes at the cellular and subcellular levelsLab-on-a-ChipN. Zurgil, O. Ravid-Hermesh, Y. Shafran, S. Howitz, E. Afrimzon, M. Sobolev, J. He, E. Shinar, R. Goldman-Levic and M. Deutsch, May 2014
Measuring acoustic energy density in microchannel acoustophoresis using a simple and rapid light-intensity methodLab-on-a-ChipRune Barnkob, Ida Iranmanesh, Martin Wiklund and Henrik Bruus, March 2012
The Role of Lipids in VDAC OligomerizationBiophysical JournalViktoria Betaneli, Eugene P. Petrov, Petra Schwille, February 2012