MicCell – An Easy to Use Microperfusion System


Core of the MicCell is an optical transparent PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) chip with a user specific microfluidic channel layout. It is accomplished by “channel spacers” for fluidic interconnections and calottes/ polycarbonate frames for mechanical adaptation to standard microscope systems.

The "MicCell-Process": Preparation of the PDMS-CP "Channel Plate" (Left); Position of the PDMS-CP during usage (Right)

The “MicCell-Process”: Preparation of the PDMS-CP “Channel Plate” (Left); Position of the PDMS-CP during usage (Right)

The disposable PDMS chip can be done by the customer using the included casting set. It is easily replacable, therefore microfluidic experiments can be done at affordable costs.

Standard sizes for the PDMS channel plate are:

  • 22 x 22 mm
  • 22 x 50 mm
  • 25 x 75 mm

The PDMS channel plate goes in between the Polycarbonate carrier and the calotte and gets sealed by a standard glass lid. Glass lids wih electrode structures on the inner side are available on request.

On top of all, the MicCell channel plate carrier can be completed with other microfluidic parts, tubes, filters, bottles, syringe systems and an operation software. Move on to Options for more information.

The flyer on the right side provides an overview of the MicCell system. The catalogue reveals technical specs and all accessories along with ordering information.