Flow Sensor

Measurement of Tiny Flows

The GeSiM flow sensors has been designed for flow rates in the range of 0…100 Microliters per minute. It is a thermocalorimetric sensor measuring the heat transfer in a very tiny chamber. The fluid sample is negligibly heated whereas the surroundig temperature distribution is monitored.

As larger the heat transport through the chamber as more precisely the measurement result will be. In other terms, as more time is allowed for a single measurement as better the accuracy.

The sensor can be used along with the MicCell Fluid Processor (See next article) but is available for standalone operation too. The sensor is cascadable, it allows to measure several independent fluid flows simultaneously. Up to four stacked sensors can be managed by a single controller. The controller connects to a PC through serial interface, a dedicated software displays the measurement result.

Please download the flyer (right) for more information.