Pipetting Tips

Non-contact Micro Dispensers work on any Substrate Surface

The Nano-PlotterTM piezoelectric pipetting tips for the Picolitre range consist of glass and silicon- they are valveless and fabricated from microstructured glass/silicon wafers. Alternatively the instrument is available with solenoid valve dispensers for the Nanolitre range.

The tips interface with the instrument’s fluidic system through metal shafts. Each pipet connects to a dedicated syringe that supplies both sample and washing fluids. All N2.x instruments can be equipped with 1-16 tips in any combination.

Due to the nature of non-contact dispensing the Nano-Plotter supports so called Spot-On-the-Fly mode (SOF, since 2017) for microarraying applications with only one drop per spot position. Particularly when processing a larger number of flat substrates (E.g. glass slides) SOF saves up to 50% time.

Piezoelectric Tips for the Picolitre range

  • Nano-Tip J:     0.35…0.4 Nanoliter
  • Nano-Tip A-J: 0.25          Nanoliter
  • Pico-Tip J:       0.06          Nanoliter
  • Nano-Tip J-H: 0.35…0.4 Nanoliter (External heater unit required)
  • Pico-Tip J-H:   0.06          Nanoliter (External heater unit required)

Tips with special design:

  • Nano-Tip HV-J: For high-viscous samples
  • Nano-Tip AR-J: Slim design,for array printing into 96-well plates



Fast solenoid valve on the Nano-Plotter (SOF mode)


Solenoid Valve Pipetting Tips (Option):

  • 40…350 Nanolitre drop volume
  • Affordable glass nozzle for low operational costs
  • Upgrades available for all Nano-Plotter types



Liquid Management for Piezoelectric Tips


The Nano-Plotter piezoelectric pipetting tips consist of glass and silicon.