Piston Extruders

3D Structures from Melted Thermoplastics

Our advanced motor driven piston extruders extend the capability of the pneumatic basic set:


  • High pressure (Virtually > 100 bar) prints viscoelastic and high-viscous materials, even with tiny nozzle diameters
  • Constant piston moves ensure constant material flow, independent on the material level inside the cartridge
High-Temperature extruder for thermoplasts

High-Temperature extruder for thermoplasts (Left); Pneumatic extruder (Right)

Gradient mixer for thermoplasts (Left); Piston extruder for hydrogels (Right)

Gradient mixer for thermoplasts (Left); Piston extruder for hydrogels (Right)


The High-Temperature Piston Extruder prints thermoplastics like PLA (Polylactic acid) at temperatures up to 250°C. It comes with the stainless steel cartridge as well as stainless steel nozzle. A two zone heater compensates the temperature drop from the cartridge to the nozzle.


The Gradient Mixer (Available for BS4.2 only) combines the outlet of two HT-Extruders with a special mixing head. It allows varying mixing ratios of two thermoplasts during one print.



Printing of larger volumes (50 mL) is available by the piston extruder for hydrogels.