Platforms / Sizes

The modular non-contact Microarrayer

The Nano-PlotterTM NP2.1 is available in two sizes:

NP2.1 with a slide capacity of 55; NP2.1/E with a slide capacity of 120.

All Nano-Plotter versions come with the following common features:

  • 1 to 16 independent piezoelectric pipetting tips in any combination. Post sales upgrade is possible.
  • Sample aspiration from 96 well or 384 well micro plates
  • Array density > 3000/cm2
  • Dust cover
  • Automatic wash/dry station
  • Optical function test of each individual pipette tips after sample aspiration



Easy and superb arraying onto slides (For HD introduction video click here)


NP2.1 can be configured to a particular application. And… it can grow! It is easy to increase the number of pipetting channels after sales. Also, most accessories can be upgraded. Thus, this instrument might be your companion from research to production.