Process Control

Automatic Function Test for each Piezo Tip

A camera system with sophisticated image analysis inspects each piezoelectric pipettor after sample aspiration. The analysis is for:

  • Deflection of the main droplet from the vertical
  • Droplet size, count and speed
  • Deviation of satellite drops from the main jet

The checking function returns a result (Path/Fail) for each pipette. So if a tip fails to spot according to specification, the Nano-Plotter can either repeat sample aspiration, or continue printing with only the working pipettes and repair the missing spots afterwards.


Stroboscope cameraValid droplet image. The jet angle is inside a user defined region, the number of satellite droplets is small enough.Invalid droplet image. The flight angle of one satellite droplet differs too much from the angle of the main jet.

A more accurate drop volume estimation is available with the optional micro flow sensor.