Publications and Resources

GeSiM bioinstruments and microfluidics are mostly placed into a scientific environment. We are proud to present customer projects conducted with our products. For further questions on the listed publications please contact us.


Bioprinting Access Authors/ Publication Date
Viability and Functionality of Neonatal Porcine Islet-like Cell Clusters Bioprinted in Alginate-Based Bioinks MDPI biomedicines Sarah Duin, Shreya Bhandarkar, Susann Lehmann, Elisabeth Kemter, Eckhard Wolf, Michael Gelinsky, Barbara Ludwig and Anja Lode/ 15th June 2022
3D Plotting of Calcium Phosphate Cement and Melt Electrowriting of Polycaprolactone Microfibers in One Scaffold: A Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Process Journal of Functional Biomaterials David Kilian, Max vonWitzleben, Matthew Lanaro, Cynthia S.Wong, Corina Vater, Anja Lode, Mark C. Allenby, Maria A.Woodruff and Michael Gelinsky/ 8th June 2022
Organic acid cross-linked 3D printed cellulose nanocomposite bioscaffolds with controlled porosity, mechanical strength, and biocompatibility iScience Andreja Dobaj Stiglic, Fazilet Gürer, Florian Lackner, Doris Bracic, Armin Winter, Lidija Gradisnik, Damjan Makuc, Rupert Kargl, Isabel Duarte, Janez Plavec, Uros Maver, Marco Beaumont, Karin Stana Kleinschek, and Tamilselvan Mohan/ 20th May 2022
A comparison between ß-tricalcium phosphate and chitosan poly-caprolactone-based 3D melt extruded composite scaffolds Wiley Biopolymers Minami Yosida, Paul R. Turner, Christopher John McAdam, Mohammed Asa