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GeSiM bioinstruments and microfluidics are mostly placed into a scientific environment. We are proud to present customer projects conducted with our products. For further questions on the listed publications please contact us.


Bioprinting Access Authors/ Publication Date
Viability and Functionality of Neonatal Porcine Islet-like Cell Clusters Bioprinted in Alginate-Based Bioinks MDPI biomedicines Sarah Duin, Shreya Bhandarkar, Susann Lehmann, Elisabeth Kemter, Eckhard Wolf, Michael Gelinsky, Barbara Ludwig and Anja Lode/ 15th June 2022
3D Plotting of Calcium Phosphate Cement and Melt Electrowriting of Polycaprolactone Microfibers in One Scaffold: A Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Process Journal of Functional Biomaterials David Kilian, Max vonWitzleben, Matthew Lanaro, Cynthia S.Wong, Corina Vater, Anja Lode, Mark C. Allenby, Maria A.Woodruff and Michael Gelinsky/ 8th June 2022
A comparison between ß-tricalcium phosphate and chitosan poly-caprolactone-based 3D melt extruded composite scaffolds Wiley Biopolymers Minami Yosida, Paul R. Turner, Christopher John McAdam, Mohammed Asam Ali  , Jaydee D. Cabral/ 26th April 2022
Composite Bioinks With Mesoporous Bioactive Glasses—A Critical
Evaluation of Results Obtained by In Vitro Experiments
frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology Vera Guduric, Johannes Wieckhusen, Anne Bernhardt, Tilman Ahlfeld, Anja Lode,
Chengtie Wu and Michael Gelinsky/ 11th January 2022
Core–shell bioprinting as a strategy to apply differentiation factors
in a spatially defined manner inside osteochondral tissue substitutes
 IOP Publishing Ltd. David Kilian, Silvia Cometta, Anne Bernhardt, Rania Taymour, Jonas Golde, Tilman Ahlfeld, Julia Emmermacher, Michael Gelinsky and Anja Lode/ 6th January 2022
Controlled and Local Delivery of Antibiotics by 3D Core/Shell Printed Hydrogel Scaffolds to Treat Soft Tissue Infections Pharmaceutics 2021 Ashwini Rahul Akkineni, Janina Spangenberg, Michael Geissler, Saskia Reichelt, Hubert Buechner, Anja Lode and Michael Gelinsky/ 14th December 2021
Electrostatic Distortion of Melt-Electrowritten Patterns by 3D Objects: Quantification, Modeling, and Toolpath Correction Advanced Materials Technologies Cathal D. O’Connell, Olivia Bridges, Cameron Everett, Natasha Antill-O’Brien, Carmine Onofrillo, Claudia Di Bella/ 15th July 2021
3D printing of patient‑specific implants for osteochondral defects:
workflow for an MRI‑guided zonal design
Bio-Design and Manufacturing David Kilian, Philipp Sembdner, Henriette Bretschneider, Tilman Ahlfeld, Lydia Mika, Jörg Lützner3, Stefan Holtzhausen, Anja Lode, Ralph Stelzer, Michael Gelinsky/ 12th June 2021
3D bioprinting of hepatocytes: core–shell structured co-cultures with fibroblasts for enhanced functionality scientific reports Rania Taymour, David Kilian, Tilman Ahlfeld, Michael Gelinsky & Anja Lode/ 4th March 2021
Bioprinting of Magnetically Deformable Scaffolds ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. Janina Spangenberg, David Kilian, Charis Czichy, Tilman Ahlfeld, Anja Lode, Stefan Günther, Stefan Odenbach, and Michael Gelinsky/ 28th January 2021
Biomimetic Tympanic Membrane Replacement Made by Melt Electrowriting Advanced Healthcare Materials Max von Witzleben, Thomas Stoppe, Tilman Ahlfeld, Anne Bernhardt, Marie-Luise Polk, Matthias Bornitz, Marcus Neudert, and Michael Gelinsky/ 27th January 2021
Toward Biofabrication of Resorbable Implants Consisting of a Calcium Phosphate Cement and Fibrin—A Characterization In Vitro and In Vivo International Journal of Molecular Sciences Tilman Ahlfeld, Anja Lode, Richard Frank Richter, Winnie Pradel, Adrian Franke, Martina Rauner, Bernd Stadlinger, Günter Lauer, Michael Gelinsky, Paula Korn/ 26th January 2021
Three-Dimensional Melt-Electrowritten Polycaprolactone/Chitosan Scaffolds Enhance Mesenchymal Stem Cell Behavior ASC Publications Minami Yoshida, Paul R. Turner, M. Azam Ali, and Jaydee D. Cabral/ 13th January 2021
Melt electrowitten sandwich scaffold technique using Sulforhodamine B to monitor stem cell behavior Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods Dr. Paul R Turner, Miss Minami Yoshida, Dr. Azam Ali, and Dr. Jaydee Dones Cabral/ 19th Ocotber 2020
Peptide chitosan/dextran core/shell vascularized 3D constructs for wound healing ACS Publications Paul R. Turner, Eoin Murray, C. John McAdam, Michelle A. McConnell, and Jaydee Dones Cabral/ 28th June 2020
A hybrid additive manufacturing platform to create bulk and surface composition gradients on scaffolds for tissue regeneration bioRxiv Ravi Sinha, Maria Cámara-Torres, Paolo Scopece, Emanuele Verga Falzacappa, Alessandro Patelli, Lorenzo Moroni, Carlos Mota/ 23rd June 2020
3D Bioprinting of osteochondral tissue substitutes – in vitro-chondrogenesis in multi-layered mineralized constructs scientific reports David Kilian, Tilman Ahlfeld , Ashwini Rahul Akkineni, Anne Bernhardt, Michael Gelinsky & Anja Lode/ 19th May 2020
3D Printing of Bone Grafts for Cleft Alveolar Osteoplasty – In vivo Evaluation in a Preclinical Model frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology Paula Korn, Tilman Ahlfeld, Franziska Lahmeyer, David Kilian, Philipp Sembdner, Ralph Stelzer, Winnie Pradel, Adrian Franke, Martina Rauner, Ursula Range, Bernd Stadlinger, Anja Lode, Günter Lauer and Michael Gelinsky/ 22nd March 2020
Engineering considerations on extrusion-based bioprinting: interactions of material behavior, mechanical forces and cells in the printing needle IOP Science Julia Emmermacher, David Spura, Jasmina Cziommer, David Kilian, Tobias Wollborn, Udo Fritsching, Juliane Steingroewer, Thomas Walther, Michael Gelinsky and Anja Lode/  11th March 2020
A Novel Plasma-Based Bioink Stimulates Cell Proliferation and Differentiation in Bioprinted, Mineralized Constructs ASC Publications Tilman Ahlfeld, Nieves Cubo-Mateo, Silvia Cometta, Vera Guduric, Corina Vater, Anne Bernhardt, A. Rahul Akkineni, Anja Lode, Michael Gelinsky/ 24th February 2020
3D bioprinted endometrial stem cells on melt electrospun poly ε-caprolactone mesh for pelvic floor application promote anti-inflammatory responses in mice Acta Biomaterialia Kallyanashis Paul, Saeedeh Darzia, Gordon Mc Phee, Mark P.Del, Borgod Jerome,  A. Werkmeister, Caroline E. Gargett, Shayanti Mukherjeeab/ August 2019
Investigating the effect of sterilisation methods on the physical properties and cytocompatibility of methyl cellulose used in combination with alginate for 3D-bioplotting of chondrocytes Journal of Materials Science Ella Hodder, Sarah Duin, David Kilian, Tilman Ahlfeld, Julia Seidel, Carsten Nachtigall, Peter Bush, Derek Covill, Michael Gelinsky, Anja Lode/ Jan 2019
3D Bioprinting of Functional Islets of Langerhans in an Alginate/Methylcellulose Hydrogel Blend Wiley Online Library Sarah Duin, Kathleen Schütz, Tilman Ahlfeld, Susann Lehmann, Anja Lode, Barbara Ludwig, Michael Gelinsky/ March 2019
3D Plotted Biphasic Bone Scaffolds for Growth Factor Delivery: Biological Characterization In Vitro and In Vivo Wiley Online Library Tilman Ahlfeld, Felix Paul Schuster, Yvonne Förster, Mandy Quade, Ashwini Rahul Akkineni, Claudia Rentsch, Stefan Rammelt, Michael Gelinsky, Anja Lode/ March 2019
A Methylcellulose Hydrogel as Support for 3D Plotting of Complex Shaped Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds Gels 2018 T. Ahlfeld, T. Köhler, Ch. Czichy, A. Lode, M. Gelinsky/ August 2018
Green bioprinting: extrusion-based fabrication of plant cell-laden biopolymer hydrogel scaffolds IOP Science J. Seidel, T. Ahlfeld, M. Adolph, S. Kümmritz, J. Steingroewer, F. Krujatz, T. Bley, M. Gelinsky and A. Lode/ Nov. 2017
Development of a clay based bioink for 3D cell printing for skeletal application IOP Science T. Ahlfeld, G. Cidonio D. Kilian, S. Duin, A. R. Akkineni, J. I. Dawson, S. Yang, A. Lode, R. O. C. Oreffo and M. Gelinsky/ July 2017
Fabrication of Cell-Loaded Two-Phase 3D Constructs for Tissue Engineering materials (Full Text) Tobias Zehnder, Tim Freund, Merve Demir, Rainer Detsch and Aldo R. Boccaccini/ Nov 2016
A versatile method for combining different biopolymers in a core/shell fashion by 3D plotting to achieve mechanically robust constructs IOP Publishing Ltd. Ashwini Rahul Akkineni, Tilman Ahlfeld, Anja Lode and Michael Ge