Bioinstruments and Microfluidics – About GeSiM

About GeSiMGeSiM was founded 1995 as a spin-off from the Rossendorf Research Center. The company is a non-public and privately held entity.

Building upon a broad expertise in micromachining technologies, GeSiM has evolved into a bioinstrumentation company focusing on submicroliter liquid handling instruments and microfluidics.

GeSiM is specialized in liquid handling automation, microfluidics and micro contact printing. As a leading supplier of submicroliter dispensers GeSiM developed a unique design for piezoelectric pipetting tips, based on silicon-glass chips. The benchtop pipetting system Nano-Plotter runs up to 16 of these accurate dispensers and is mainly used as non-contact arrayer for microarrays, biochips and biosensors. The Nano-Plotter line follows a strictly modular concept and “grows” with the applications of their owners. Post sales upgrade and a variety of accessories help to bridge the gap from research to production. The Nano-Plotter is successfully used for the production of (FDA) certified diagnostic products.

Liquid handling by contact printing is available with the GeSiM micro-contact printers. These instruments transfer sample into tiny 2-dimensional patterns or generate 3-dimensional structures by Nano-Imprint-Lithography (NIL). A patented stamping technology features PDMS stamps for accurate image transfer.

Recent developments are focused on instrumentation for 3D printing of biocompatible materials, e.g. Hydrogels, Alginate, thermoplastic biopolymers. Common 3D printers are usually not capable of processing biocompatible materials.

In addition, GeSiM has devoted itself to the development of microfluidic flowthrough systems. Micro structuring methods are used to manufacture miniaturized fluidic components from silicon, glass, ceramics and PDMS to create products which cannot be made by conventional methods.

GeSiM’s specialty is the ability to offer complete tailor-made solutions to customers, including not only microfluidics, but also packaging, mechanics, macrofluidic engineering, and specialized control software (World-Chip Interface). Heading a small organization, the GeSiM management is committed to quick decisions and maintaining close and direct contact to our customers and distributors. During the past decade we accompanied several customers on their way from research into well established businesses.

As a supplier of specialized tools, we are used to contributing to funded research projects, mainly in Germany and Western Europe. The GeSiM staff developed a deep understanding of technological processes in (Nano-)Biotechnology.