Microfluidic Workstation (MW)

The MW boosts your Organ-on-a-Chip project by integrating a pipet robot with flowthrough cells and phase contrast microscope.

Engineering Services

Wether you need a complex microfluidic cartridge or just surface coating: Check the second/third tabs below to learn about our services.

Microfluidics – Services for Design, Manufacturing, Instrumentation

Integrating the Worlds of Micro- and Macrotechnology

Wether you need just a cell friendly coating on your slides or a complex automatic lab: GeSiM is your one-stop shop for instrumentation in life science. Our expertise is based on more than twenty years engineering of microfluidic systems. Our strength is the completion of these small components with powerful robots, innovative software and “classical” lab hardware (pumps, valves).

Here we present a fully automatic lab for culturing of cells and organoids. The next tab “3D Structuring” outlines basic services for customized microfluidic flow-through cells. “Chips & Services” is your source of information for specific engineering services.

Please don’t miss the MicCell, a separate GeSiM product line for polymer microfluidics with microscope interface.

Microfluidic Multi Cell Cultivation with Automatic Sample Handling

The Microfluidic Workstation (MW) is a benchtop robot with “flying” work deck. It is made to operate small transparent bio containments, e.g. SBS well format objects, microfluidic cartridges and others. It features two tool heads for optical inspection in both directions. The upper tool head operates all GeSiM made tools for liquid handling, Nanolitre pipetting and paste dispensing. Full 3d printing is given by the modular approach of GeSiM instruments. The recesses of the work decks accept carriers for arbitrary target formats.

The MW can be configured for applications like in-vitro tissue engineering, multi-cell cultivation, single cell handling and microarraying. It fits into biosafety cabinets. Other safety enclosures are available on request.