multi-dos with piezoelectric dispenser

The GeSiM control unit for piezoelectric drop-on-demand dispensers (left); stroboscope with drop dispenser (right)

Heatable piezoelectric drop dispenser with syringe unit

multi-dos, stroboscope camera, temperature control, syringe unit (from left to right)

Nanolitre Dosage – Piezoelectric Dispensers Easy to Integrate

Piezos and Pulses – How Does the Nanolitre Dispenser Work?

Drop-on-demand dispensing into micro wells

GeSiM piezo dispenser: Early version, award winner of the “Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft” 1997

GeSiM Nanolitre dispensers (also called “pipettes” or “jets”) follow the drop-on-demand principle, i.e., a drop is released exactly when the piezo ceramic actuator is triggered. This results in the bending of a silicon diaphragm behind the actuator and this in turn leads to a compression of the liquid inside the “pump chamber” and hence to the ejection of a droplet from the nozzle. After this, the ceramic returns to its initial state and the dispenser is refilled with liquid from the inlet. No valve is involved in this process.

Basically this process works for low-viscous liquids up to a viscosity of about 5 mPa*s (5 cP). Liquids with lowering viscosity at elevated temperature may be used with our heatable dispensers.

Silicon and glass wafer batch processes – well known from Microelectronics – are the technological background of our manufacturing processes. The unique design and more than 20 years experience stand for robustness, precision and versatility.

Specs and Sizes – Which Dispenser Works Best for me?

Baiscally GeSiM offers piezoelectric microdispensers for two different drop volumes: The standard type SPIP emits drops between 0.6 and 1.1 Nanolitres. The other one is called PicPIP for drops of 0.1…0.2 Nanolitres. Basically the larger one has a wider viscosity range and is therefore easier to manage.

Two operation modes are available for the GeSiM dispenser: Drop bursts and continuous flow at frequencies up to 500…1000 Hz, depending on the liquid properties.

Bent steel capillary