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Melt Electrowriting with BioScaffold Printer

Aug. 2018: Our customers at Monash University (AUS) successfully combined 3D printing of cell containing bioinks withs melt electro spun PolyCaproLactone Meshes.

For the future therapy of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) for womans they discovered eMSC cells in the endometrial lining of the uterus and and demonstrated their reparative capacity in tissue engineered constructs in a pre-clinical rat model.

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TwinTip Adapter for the Nano-Plotter

Dec. 2017: The TwinTip adapter for the Nano-Plotter manages two (piezoelectric) nozzles for aspiration/ dispensing + mixing of tiny volumes.

It aspirates Microliter volumes of each sample from standard micro titer plates.

The adapter swivels both tips at a certain angle back and forth from aspiration position to dispense position. Read more…


New Collaboration with BellaSeno GmbH, Leipzig

Aug 2017: We are proud to announce the collaboration with BellaSeno GmbH, Leipzig (D).

BellaSeno is a startup company commercialising many years of research work in the field of resorbable natural breast implants. In the future women suffering from breast cancer will no longer need silicone implants. BellaSeno is using the BioScaffold Printer BS3.1 to print personalized breast scaffolds made from PCL.