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TwinTip Adapter for the Nano-Plotter

Dec. 2017: The TwinTip adapter for the Nano-Plotter manages two (piezoelectric) nozzles for aspiration/ dispensing + mixing of tiny volumes.

It aspirates Microliter volumes of each sample from standard micro titer plates.

The adapter swivels both tips at a certain angle back and forth from aspiration position to dispense position. Read more…


New Collaboration with BellaSeno GmbH, Leipzig

Aug 2017: We are proud to announce the collaboration with BellaSeno GmbH, Leipzig (D).

BellaSeno is a startup company commercialising many years of research work in the field of resorbable natural breast implants. In the future women suffering from breast cancer will no longer need silicone implants. BellaSeno is using the BioScaffold Printer BS3.1 to print personalized breast scaffolds made from PCL.


Advanced Tools for BS3.1

Dec. 2016: We are proud to annouce new printing tools for the BioScaffold Printer BS3.1. Melt Electrospinning Writing allows the accurate deposition of polymer fibres below 20 Micrometer diameter.

The Pneumatic Core/Shell Extruder combines biopolymers of different characteristics, e.g. e soft polymer hosting living cells in the core lane with a more rigid biopolymer in the shell lane.


Enridgement and Manipulation of Microorganisms

Oct 2016: In collaboration with IBA Heiligenstadt e.V. GeSiM developed a customized MicCell to investigate microorganisms in drinking water. This MicCell comprises three fluidic channels. Cell manipulation is achieved by interdigital electrodes with sizes from 20…100 Micrometers. We embedded up to 12 different IDEs for

  • Dielectrophoretic enridgement
  • Pulsation based perforation of cell membranes
  • Measurement of conductivity changes




Meet us at upcoming events!

Sept. 2016: There are a few events coming up dealing with state-of-the art aspects of tissue engineering and 3D printing:

  • The annual conference of the German Society for Biomaterials will take place on 29th September to 1st October in Aachen. We will demonstrate the latest BioScaffold printer BS3.1
  • A bioprinting and 3D printing conference to be held in Cambridge, UK (13/14 October). Our UK distributor, Analytic Ltd., will man a booth.

Don’t miss these opportunities to meet up with GeSiM, We look forward to fruitful talks with you.



We welcome Neutec Group Inc!

May 2016: GeSiM is proud to announce the partnership with Neutec Group Inc., Farmingdale, NY.

The established sales company will start to promote the new GeSiM BioScaffoldprinter BS3.1 within the territory of North America. It allows customers in the US and Canada to purchase Bioprinter products and accessories from a local source.


New Demo Lab in Shanghai

May 2016: GeSiM is now preparing new lab space in one of Asia’s leading Biotech Hotspots. It will allow local prospects to see and try GeSiM instruments before doing an investment.

The lab is supposed to open mid July and will be managed by our Asian Sales Manager. It is located in the Baoshan District of Shanghai. Please contact us for detailed information.