GeSiM now sells Bioinks:

We are proud to launch the collaboration with the Korea based company InnoRegen, Inc., better known by their former name Bioink Solutions, Inc. InnoRegen develops and markets bioinks for 3D bioprinting, tissue engineering and 3D cell cultivation since several years. GeSiM is now sales partner, InnoRegen products are available from GeSiM immediately.

Among others InnoRegen makes gelatine-based and peptide-conjugated hydrogels for optimized cell growth in 3D constructs. Although GeSiM bioprinters handle all bioinks, now we can offer both 3D-printers and optimized materials from a single source.

Abstracts of user publications dealing with InnoRegen products can be downloaded here. From now the GeSiM team is available for all questions related to InnoRegen bioinks!